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Walker Tompkins
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The Yankee Barbareños
The Americanization of Santa Barbara County, California
1796 – 1925

by Walker A. Tompkins

This long-awaited 527-page publication, comprising eight “books,” presents an account of the Americanization of Santa Barbara County from 1796 to 1925.

In addition to Tompkins’ text written in the easy, familiar style readers have enjoyed over the years, the 8 1/2 by 11-size volume includes over 300 illustrations, eight appendixes, a comprehensive bibliography, and an extensive index.

Never before published, Tompkins' first major local history has finally been launched. Harbored in the Santa Barbara Public Library reference section since the 1960s, his manuscript has been updated and augmented to give the golden region he loved another look at its past.

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Stearns Wharf, 1870s (Santa Barbara Historical Society)

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“Walker ‘Two-Gun’ Tompkins
...was a vivid writer who brought history to life....”
Barney Brantingham, columnist, Santa Barbara News-Press

“Walker A. Tompkins was a prolific wordsmith....
Santa Barbarans will remember him as the man who
popularized city history.”
The Santa Barbara Independent

“He knew that recording the facts was only part of the job.... he made it fun to learn
about the past.”
Bill McNally III, McNally & Loftin Publishers

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