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Walker Tompkins
Text and Photos
flower Participants in the editing and production of The Yankee Barbareños:
  • Armendariz, Frank
    Spanish-language consultant
  • Bassett, Magdalena
    Graphic designer
  • Bisol, David
    Curator, Santa Barbara Historical Society Museum
  • Blakley, E. R., “Jim”
    Santa Barbara backcountry naturalist and historian
  • Bradley, Tom
    Formerly of Graphic Traffic
  • Brewster, Kathi
    Researcher and lecturer
  • Cain, Gwen
    Reference Supervisor, Santa Barbara Public Library
  • Capelle, Nancy
    Editor, proofreader, layout assistant
  • Days, Mary Louise
    Santa Barbara historian
  • Days, Virginia
    Former Solvang resident
  • Dell, John
  • Fletcher, Paul
    Owner, Fletcher Offset Printing; publisher, Movini Press
  • Gainey, Sister Margaret Ann
    Historian, St. Vincent's Santa Barbara
  • Graffy, Neal
    Historian and lecturer
  • Griggs, David
    Director/Curator, Carpinteria Valley
    Historical Society Museum
  • Hass, Jeremy
    Attorney, antique-car enthusiast
  • Hvolboll, Elizabeth Erro
    Singer, early California folk songs
  • Hvolbøll, Eric
    Attorney, Santa Barbara historian
  • Johnson, John, Ph.D.
    Curator of Anthropology,
    Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
  • Keator, Carol
    Santa Barbara Public Library Director
  • Lotz, Phyllis
    Buellton historian
  • Lugo, Richard
    Former president, Los Descendientes de Santa Barbara
  • Lum, Sharon
    Graphic designer, layout
  • Manfrina, Myra
    Lompoc Valley historian
  • Mortensen, Lars
    Former curator, Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum
  • Myrick, David F.
    Author and historian
  • Nadeau, Remi, Ph.D.
    Author and historian
  • Nicholson, Craig, Ph.D.
    UCSB Dept. of Geological Sciences
    and Institute for Crustal Studies
  • Norris, Jim
    Santa Ynez Valley historian
  • Ogle, George
    Past member and historian, Santa Barbara Fire Department
  • Redmon, Michael
    Librarian, Gledhill Library, Santa Barbara Historical Society
  • Ritchie, Laurie
    Formerly with UCSB Davidson Library
    Special Collections Department
  • Romero, Ralph
  • Rudnicki, Austin J.
    Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, photographer, publisher, ham radio enthusiast
  • Rudnicki, Susan
    Software Engineer
  • Rudolph, Cathy
    Editor and researcher
  • Savage, Judy Pritikin
    Reference librarian, Santa Barbara Public Library
  • Smith, Clifton F.
    Botanist and historian
  • Sylvester, Arthur G., Ph.D.
    UCSB Dept. of Geological Sciences
    and Institute for Crustal Studies
  • Talbot, Sharon
    Technical support
  • Trout, Dana, Ph.D.
    Computer consultant, historic photograph scanning and restoration
  • Wickenhaeuser, Otis
    Chronicler of Lobero Theatre history
  • Williams, Jim
    Radio personality and Western storywriter
  • Wright, Marvin
    Technical support
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