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The Yankee Barbareños book cover

Carpinteria History Museum
See artifacts handed down from Carpinteria Valley’s varied cultures: Chumash, Mission, Rancho, and, with the first settlers arriving in 1850, early American.

La Purisima Mission
Founded in 1787, the reconstructed La Purisima Mission is frozen in time in its rural setting. Now a State Historic Park, it is popular with visitors and researchers alike.

Lompoc Valley Historical Society
In a large, beautiful Victorian home, Lompoc Valley’s Historical Society Museum furnishes every room with heirlooms telling of family life in a bygone era.

Santa Barbara Fiesta
Santa Barbara’s renowned Fiesta comes in August, recreating scenes from the past with colorful parades, rodeos, mercados, parties, and performances.

Santa Barbara Historical Society
A valuable asset in the area, the Santa Barbara Historical Society Museum offers exhibitions, programs, events, and lectures. Its Gledhill Library is a researcher’s delight.

Santa Barbara Natural History Museum
From the earliest Chumash and Channel Island settlements to evolving views of our place in the universe, Santa Barbara’s Natural History Museum takes you exploring.

Trust for Historic Preservation
With constant ventures in authenticity, reconstruction, and research, the Trust for Historic Preservation maintains our community’s connection to its city and county roots.


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